Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dawn of a New Era

I have nothing particularly profound to say about today. However, I was completely moved by President Obama's speech, loved Michelle's dress, thought the girls (SASHA!!! and MALIA!!!! as Rick Warren said....douche) were completely adorable, especially Sasha with her purple camera, and loved the benediction. I felt for C.J. John Roberts (and for Obama) for the whole Oath trip-up, but it was nice to see that both men are...well, just that...men. Human.

Hmmm....I think I am going to listen to the Inaugural Speech again :) God bless the Interwebs.

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's been too long.

Hello to my reader. ;)

I realized that it had been too long since I last posted here. I have found that Facebook provides much the same outlet that this blog used to provide for me. Even so, I do not wish to neglect my little piece of the Interwebs...

That being said, let me catch you up on my world. ......... Yeah, not much to catch up on, I am afraid. Life moves on, day after day. Mr. P. and I are still the same, with the house and the Bela. Work is work. Though work has been a little more work than I would have liked, honestly. I am trying to get a serious amount of billable hours squeezed into a short month. 228 to be exact.....I have about 13 to go....I think I will make it. But I am pretty burned out, and am looking forward to taking some sort of vacation in the coming months.

What else? I am happy to say that I have made some amazing new friends, and through the wonders of Facebook, have reconnected with old friends. I spent last Friday night drinking margaritas and catching up on the interesting and envy-inducing lives of some of my all-time favorite people. I also spent some quality time with the woman I call "Gran," one of the two amazing women that made me who I am today. I don't know how much time I will have left with her, so I am trying to make certain that I don't regret not saying or doing anything to let her know of her absolute importance to my world.

Hmmm...on a lighter note - my brother and his wife have brought home a new addition to the family. His name is Macaroni, and he is one kick-ass pooch. He is giving Bela a run for her money with regard to the awesomeness factor...but I think Bela still wins out.

And on a silly note - I have been completely sucked into this whole Twilight thing. I read the first one, and ehh...I wasn't that impressed. But then I read the second book, and now I am hooked. I even saw the movie. I wasted 10 bucks...but boy, everyone was really pretty :)

That's about it from here. I am looking forward to what life will bring in '09...hopefully, a little Jax or Maya....we continue to cross our fingers.

Hope everyone has had a great 2008....

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, we can!

And yes, we did.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A big bunch of randomness.

Y'all, I know. It's been awhile. Honestly, there hasn't been much to say. Work, home, work, home, work, home. You guys know how it is.

I've read some good books - Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley, Dark Lady by Richard North Patterson, and I am currently reading The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly (could be the best one yet). I've watched some good TV - finished out Mad Men for the season - completely excellent, fell in love with Damian Lewis in Life once again, and found great television on FX with Sons of Anarchy. I re-acquainted myself with Jon Stewart's brilliance and began DV-R'ing The Daily Show....this election cycle has certainly provided him some great fodder.

And speaking of - I have completely immersed myself in this election. I know this isn't an original statement, but I don't think I have ever cared so much about the outcome of an election. It has been a fascinating 21 months, that is for sure. I don't know what I am going to do with myself once the election is over - what will I watch in the morning? What will I read on the Internet? What did I do before this election?

I have made some good friends in the last few months that have solidified my feeling that I think I want to stick around for awhile. The Fort is a good place to be....and is better when you have smart, funny, compassionate people around you.

We are steps closer to having a kiddo in our arms. We transferred our adoption from China to South Korea, and hope to travel to get that little guy or girl by the end of 2009. We have names picked out for either option (Jackson or Maya), and look forward to the day when we can start buying clothes and decorating the nursery.

So, there you go. That's what I have been up to recently. How 'bout you?


I'm fired up...and ready to go!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happiness is....

a new Kate Spade bag (just like this one, only with black patent leather straps).

Monday, September 08, 2008

Uncontrollable Reaction

Every time I hear the words "Sarah Palin," I roll my eyes. I can't help myself. My head is really starting to hurt.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time Suck.

I have come to this realization:

Facebook is seriously the most addictive thing ever. It is insane. I went from signing up for the damn thing to having 25 friends and 8 pieces of flair in a 1/2 day's time. I also caught up w/one of my best friends from high school, who I hadn't talked to in 15 years or so. Ker-azy.

I blame Wendy.

And I love flair. I am a flair-whore. Seriously. Those of you that aren't on FB have no idea of it's awesomeness.

So...there you go. That's what I have been doing w/my extra time. How 'bout you?