Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You're so money and you don't even know it.

So in the past couple weeks I have seen three movies that I have been meaning to see for... about 10 years:
(1) Swingers (1996)...hence the title...
(2) Hope Floats (1998)...and
(3) Reality Bites (1994)

My thoughts...

First off, holy shit. What the hell happened to Jon Favreau? He is a little shrimp of a guy in Swingers. Same with Vince Vaughn. And I think that Vince has either had some voice lessons or has gone through puberty or something. His voice is completely different. That's craziness right there. But, overall, a very entertaining film. I really liked it. And I now know why one of the guys I work with always describes things and people as being "money."

As for Hope Floats, I had seen parts of this film, but had never seen it all the way through. I will admit that I needed at least one box of Kleenex...maybe order to get through the damn thing. I loved it. Sandra Bullock movies are one of my guilty pleasures (along with Magnum P.I. reruns and Grease 2), and this one didn't let me down. Loved it. Loved Gina Rowlands and mostly, loved Harry Connick, Jr. Yummy.

Finally, I found myself really relating to Reality Bites even though those people are more of my brother's generation than mine. I think, technically, I am a "Gen X-er" but on the very tail end of the generation. But I loved the baby doll dresses, and flannels, and mary jane shoes and the whole thing. Very much the way I was in high school. I was a bit disturbed, however, by the fact that I rooted for Ben Stiller's character over Ethan Hawke's character...what does that say about me? Apparently...I am a square. Sad, but true.

So, based on the the time it took me to see these films, I figure, at this rate, I will see Talladega Nights in 2012.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"It's a great day to be alive...."*

Good morning, all...

Just thought I would share the wonderful news - he did it! He went through with it. My eternally-bachelored brother is officially hitched! Yay!

It was a beautiful beach wedding...a breathtakingly lovely bride... close friends and family... great music and touching vows. I couldn't possibly be more happy for K&K2.

On another note, I spent the time between the wedding breakfast and dinner hanging out with some of K's friends, two of whom I have known since I was in sixth grade. Their fondest memory of me? My unhealthy obsession with New Kids on the Block. Awesome. We all started out by the hotel pool, drinking Coronas, lovingly purchased, iced down, and delivered to the pool by my father....who rocks. Duh. Deciding we were hungry...and needing more beer...we headed to the local Hooters....where, interestingly, I saw no hooters. Seriously. I saw skinny biznatches in shiny pantyhose and orange polyester shorts...but no hooters. WTF? Aside from this fact, we had a great time swapping stories about my brother and his infamously crazy ex-girlfriends. So fun.

Thank you, K&K2, for allowing me to share this most important occasion with you.

*My bro "Pied Piper"-ed everyone to their spot on the beach by singing and playing this song as we all followed behind him. It was a perfect way to start the ceremony.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer TV Fun....

Normally the words "fun" and "summer" do not go hand-in-hand when discussing what's on television. It's all reruns and recaps and bad reality TV. However, I have to admit that I have become addicted to a couple shows and some really colorful TV personalities...

#1 - Dog, the Bounty Hunter (A&E). Are you kidding me? This could possibly be the greatest show ever. It's set in Hawaii...the Dog has a kickass mullet...his wife has the largest (real) breasts I have ever seen...they track down and take down "tweeks" - crackheads...and then....they pray about it. Stop it. It rocks. I actually got all weepy during the episode where Dog and his wife, Beth, finally got married. It was just lovely.

#2 - Most anything on the Food Network. It could because I am on Weight Watchers, but I have suddenly become obsessed with food. My two favorites right now, Paula Deen's show - yummy, yummy - and ANYTHING with Alton him! His show, Feasting on Asphalt is great....Has anyone seen this? He and his adorable self travel across the country on a BMW motorcycle eating "road food" (not to be confused with road head...wait, did I just say that?) at local restaurants. They stopped some place in Evansville and ate brain was nasty....don't think I will be eating in Evansville anytime soon....

#3 - Take Home Chef (TLC, I think). To go along with that food adorable Australian chef named Curtis picks people up in grocery stores and buys them groceries then goes home and cooks this gourmet meal for the shopper and his/her family. Excellent. (And he's just plain hot. He can pick me up any day.)

#4 - The 4400 (USA Network). This has been Mr. P and my summer TV staple since it started, what, three or four years ago. Great show...kind of a Lost meets SciFi Network crossed with Passion of the Christ. Love it.

#4 - Monk (USA Network). Monk and I go back and forth. Loved it when it first came out. Then when Sharona left the show, I was sad and stopped watching. Now I absolutely love Traylor Howard's character, Natalie....she and Monk are perfect together. And Tony Shalhoub is truly a brilliant actor. Funny stuff - great story lines...Monk as Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, Monk at his 25th College Reunion, and Monk in the midst of a sanitation worker strike. Hilarious.

There you go - it's no Real World Whereever They Are Now or Paris and Nicole: Bulimia Buddies Forever or anything, but it's some good stuff all the same.

What's everyone else watching????

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What I'm Reading

I just started Little Children by Tom Perrotta. Perrotta also wrote Joe College and Election (the movie with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick) .

So far, it rocks. Granted, I am only a chapter or two in. But it is as satisfying as I thought it would be when I purchased it.

Here's the review from The New Yorker:
The eponymous children in this satirical novel are actually adults who, chafing at the burdens of parenthood, try to re-create their unencumbered youth. Sarah, an overeducated young homemaker, likens her tantrum-prone daughter to a “brooding Russian epileptic” out of Dostoevsky, and pines for lost college days of feminism and bisexuality. While her husband orders used panties online, she has furtive sex with a stay-at-home dad whose repeated failure to pass the bar has earned him the contempt of his gorgeous wife.

The humor is sometimes cruel, but Perrotta never betrays the complexity of his characters. For all Sarah’s sins—neglecting her child, wallowing in romantic delusions—there’s something almost brave about her refusal to join the supermoms drilling their toddlers with dreams of Harvard, and about her yearning for more than “a painfully ordinary life.”

I will give you my final "thumbs up or down" once I'm done...I'm pretty sure it's going to be an "up." Robin, I guess that means you need to avoid it like the plague. ;)