Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Well, let's see....

Didn't have Chuck on my must-see TV list. Really liking Chuck.

Tried Big Bang Theory...it was "ehh" at best.

Enjoyed Aliens in America (even though my former TV boyfriend, Luke, is not what he used to be), but don't know if I will make time to watch it....though Mondays are a bit grim, when I am not watching the game.

Cane...could be interesting...I will keep watching.

Life? Loved Life. Love Damian Lewis...seriously adorable. And his character kind of has a Dr. House/Detective Goren thing going which I dig.

K*Ville. I am sticking it out despite poor reviews.

What am I missing, people? I know, Lawren, Prison Break....but I think it is too late for me and Wentworth Miller, despite his hotness. Kind of like Lost...if you weren't in at the beginning, you aren't ever getting in.

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