Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh. My. God.*

Two things:

#1: New Kids on the Block are coming out with a new album!!! *sigh* Takes me back to junior high: I was such a fan-geek. I had the tour jacket, I had the enormous buttons, I needed help...seriously. Joey, Jonathan, Jordan, Donnie, and Danny....loved 'em all. Okay, notsomuch Danny....but the others, definitely. So, yeah - really excited about that.

More importantly, though...

#2: Barack Obama is coming to the Fort tomorrow morning!!! And I have a ticket!!!! I love that Indiana is FINALLY relevant...very exciting stuff. Bill was here a few weeks ago, Hillary had breakfast at Sara's Restaurant here last weekend, and now Barack. Awesome.

*Could this post have any more exclamation points???!!!!

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