Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Looking In the Eyes of Love"

That's the title of an Alison Krauss and Union Station song. I am singing it as part of my brother's impending nuptuals.

Why am I blogging about this? Because it's a big deal.


Because my brother, K, is getting married. That's a big deal.

Big. Huge. Here's why...

My brother has been engaged two other times, but he just couldn't seem to get it done. This record has basically become a sort of punchline in our house (along with his extreme dislike for eggs...this also always gets a laugh for some reason). Our family was actully quite pleased by his unwillingness to commit...okay, at least I was. I disliked both of his former fiances immensely.

He then swore off the entire institution of marriage...along with Christianity, apparently. I think he is Buddhist now, I am not sure. But what I am sure of is, for a long time, K touted that marriage was not for him. And that no woman could change his feelings on the matter. My mom wept, knowing that neither one of her kids would produce grandchildren any time soon...or at all, in the case of K. I kept my eye out, hoping to find that perfect person to make him happy, and to maybe...just maybe, change his mind. And my family became resigned to the fact that K would remain his little Oak Park apartment with little to no furniture and a ton of books....highly successful in his work, busy with his many hobbies (mountain climbing, music, canoeing, kayaking, martial arts, etc etc etc), but yet, still alone.

How wrong we all were.

And for once, I was thrilled to be wrong.

At the beginning of this year, K began talking about this woman...this AMAZING woman, also "K." (Let's call her K2 to avoid confusion!) To my family, this was a good sign, considering my husband and I are "K"s, my brother's a "K" and my mom's name is, in fact, "Kay." Of course, K2 shared her name with my parents' schnauzer, which is a bit unfortunate...but still, my mother took it as a sign. It seems that K has known K2 for years and years as she managed his favorite coffee shop in Chicago...they kept in touch by email - even while they both dated other people. At some point, K & K2 decided to go on a "date" this same coffee shop. And the rest, as they say, is history. He's in love. I have never seen K so happy....and comfortable with himself and his relationship with K2.

And what do I think of K2? She is, in fact, amazing. She's funny, smart as hell, down to earth, and she keeps K in check. She's not afraid to speak her own mind and challenges K when the need arises...someone has to when I'm not around, right?! The best part, she makes K smile....and show his teeth while doing so (also a big step for him).

They set the date - August 19, 2006, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This seemed to be set awfully soon, but as K said, and to paraphrase one of his favorite movies and mine, When Harry Met Sally..., "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible..." It will be non-traditional - no attendants, no shoes. Just a notary (re)public (as K says), a beach, a mandolin player, and close friends and family. Which is perfect, because my brother is as non-traditional as they come.

Oh, yeah - and after the ceremony, rather than a reception, K2's family is hosting a breakfast.

I wonder if they are planning to serve eggs ;)

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