Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Damn you, DV-R!

I don't normally curse at my DV-R...I LOVE my DV-R most days. Except for last night. I had taped Gilmore Girls b/c I knew I wouldn't be home in time to watch...So at 10 pm, I settled in for some good GG time. And while I am not completely thrilled with the storylines or the writing right now (just not as sharp as it used to be be - I miss you Amy Sherman-Palladino!), I was getting into it...enjoying Lane & Zach...and loving Rory's struggle with IM sex talk....and most importantly, trying to follow Lorelai through her very difficult Luke/Christopher decision. Anyway - very last scene of the show, Lorelai picks up the phone, and ............and.....???

"Delete this Selection"


My DV-R cut off the end of the freakin' show.

WHAT HAPPENED? WHO DID SHE CALL? Did she call anyone?

Was she just calling Al's Pancake House? Or Sookie?

For the love of God, someone hook me up.

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