Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dancin' with Steve Sanders, Joey Fatone...and some other people.

Okay, since I am not watching AI, I thought I would check out this season's "Dancing with the Stars," if only to see Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering, actually) get his dance on w/my girlfriend, Cheryl Burke. And so I did....and I have to say, I was quite impressed....with the guys...and Cheryl.

My faves: Joey Fatone. No question. He's adorable, funny, and can certainly groove...even if his partner looked a bit skankified. Also - Ian Ziering. Pretty good...and he's still got it in the looks department. Apolo Anton Ohno....now that boy can move. If he can make time to practice, he will definitely stay in the competition.

Not-so-faves: Ummm....the completely achy-breaky Billy Ray Cyrus. He is out of his element. And mullet gags just aren't going to cut it. Oh...and, basically, all of the ladies. Not really impressed at all....though I think Laila Ali may be able to make it happen.

Honorable Mention: John Ratzenberger. Excellent. Confident, handsome, smooth. He is certainly not going to go the way of George Hamilton and Jerry Springer. He showed he can do it - even given only 2 weeks to learn the first routine.

Oh- can I just say that Heather Mills is NOT a "charity coordinator" or whatever bullshit job title they gave her. She is PAUL MCCARTNEY'S EX-WIFE. Period. Nothing more, I'm afraid. And I don't care about her leg...I'm sorry, I don't. Either she can dance, or she can't. That's all that matters.

Lastly, I am starting a campaign to have Samantha Harris maimed....who's with me???!!!

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