Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Sad.

The news about Heath Ledger really bothers me, for some reason. And the fact that it really bothers me also bothers me. I mean, I wasn't, like, his biggest fan or anything. I thought he was good in "A Knight's Tale," great in "The Patriot," and pretty damn impressive in "Brokeback Mountain." I am looking forward to "The Dark Knight," but didn't know until a few weeks ago that Ledger was playing The Joker. So...why am I so saddened by the news?

I guess it just seems like this is a kid who had it all going for him: a career on the rise, a seemingly supportive network of family and friends, a gorgeous daughter, and plenty of money. Based on what I have read, authorities do not think that he committed suicide, but still.....sad. Very sad.

On a different note -
They say death comes in threes...Suzanne Pleshette, Heath Ledger...and?

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