Friday, January 28, 2005

Boredom at its most mindnumbing.

I am currently a law clerk at a small firm in a small town. I have done this since my 1L summer. I have always had plenty to keep me busy..............until now. I blame the creation of this blog on my current lack of duties. I mean, I don't like being swamped or anything, but it is really bad when I am begging the paralegal to give me do. What do I get?

"Here, the boss gave me a list of cases and statutes to download."

Sweet! I can do that! "Does he want Lexis? West? Where does he want it saved?"

I was like that annoying little dog jumping over the big dog. So very excited to have something to do to pass the time. AND Westlaw points - BONUS!

Turns out this list was four pages long.

It took me 20 minutes.................................back to Bejeweled.

Oh - but I did get 5 bonus points!

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