Monday, January 31, 2005

Damn that cat...

He may have climbed out of his proverbial bag.

I told my friend Kel about this little piece of blog-dom I call my own. I don't know how I feel about that. Not that I think she will tell anyone because I know she won't. It is just strange. For me, this is a place for me to put my thoughts. But I don't really know why I feel the need to even put my thoughts anywhere at all.

I was never a diary girl...I didn't have the sweet little pink ruffly diary with the gold-painted key that I hid from my brother during elementary school, nor did I have the black and white flecked composition books where I kept the musings of junior high life, who I "hearted" that day and doodles of "Mrs. Kelly (fill in the blank)." I just lived.

I am not much for documenting life's events. I don't take pictures, I don't keep many mementos, and the only photo albums I have are my wedding album, because I am pretty sure there is a law that says that all married couples have a wedding album, as well as the scrapbooks my mom has made for me.

Now there is a woman who can do some serious scrapbooking...she scrapbooked before there was a scrapbook store on every corner and those damn, acid-free stickers at every WalTarKHobbyMart! She writes little journals and uses calligraphy and special background paper....I am sure there is a name for all that shit. Whatever it is, she knows it, and uses it. She is a scrapbooking machine.

Me? I keep my pictures in whatever will hold them: junk drawer, shoe box, fridge, trunk of my car, whatever. It is not that I don't appreciate the picture, or the person in the picture. In fact, I love the getting annual photos of my husband's boss's kids at Christmastime, or my second cousin's dogs playing in the snow........who wouldn't, right? It's just, well, it takes time, effort, creativity, and organization. All of which I have in varying degrees...but I choose to expend those qualities in the areas that matter to me, with the people who matter to me. I would rather spend my time with my family or my friends, rather than worrying about whether I will have a picture of that time. The more time I would spend behind a camera is less time I would be spending with them.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am trying something new. I am entering a new phase in my life and would like to be able to look back on the events and emotions of this time. Whether people read it or not should not be my concern. I am not attempting to entertain. Instead, I am attempting to get a grasp on the world around me, and if people want to come along...well, rock on!


Amanda said...

Yay!!! I am so very excited you've started yourself a blog! Welcome to the blogosphere, Sunshine!!

And I just have to say - I had those composition books with "Mrs. Amanda (fill in the blank)" doodled all over the place! :)

Kelly said...

I won't tell a sole - unless you want me to :) And I can see you've spread the good news already, at least a bit!

I am a sentimental person. I have TONS of pictures, cards, movie tickets, etc... so much so that it makes moving difficult when I really don't even own much furniture. I just hate to throw stuff away.

But I think, like you, I have difficulty doing with these things what should be done. I'm just not really creative enough to put things in scrapbooks, nor patient enough to put them in albums or catalog them or whatever. I always say I will "someday." Maybe I will.

I never kept a diary, either. I started plenty - but never stuck with it. But bloggins serves the same purpose (almost, since others know about and read it) and it's more fun. As Amanda and I have discussed, it allows some of us to stay 'connected' despite our varied lives.

Happy blogging, Kel!

Kelly said...

Damn, should it have been 'soul'? I dunno.

Kelly P. said...

Girls...thanks so much for the blog support. It still feels extremely strange! I have now told you guys and H. I am gradually becoming comfortable with the whole thing. I just feel that there is an expectation that I am not prepared to meet! UGH.

But again, thanks soooo much for your help! If I have any blog questions, I will be sure to come to you!

Heidi said...

No expectations at all. You're talking the the 3 law school bloggers who don't conform to the political talk or intelligent conversation rule. Your blog is what it is, and if people don't like it, tough cookies. I like it, and my opinion is all that ever matters.