Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer TV Fun....

Normally the words "fun" and "summer" do not go hand-in-hand when discussing what's on television. It's all reruns and recaps and bad reality TV. However, I have to admit that I have become addicted to a couple shows and some really colorful TV personalities...

#1 - Dog, the Bounty Hunter (A&E). Are you kidding me? This could possibly be the greatest show ever. It's set in Hawaii...the Dog has a kickass mullet...his wife has the largest (real) breasts I have ever seen...they track down and take down "tweeks" - crackheads...and then....they pray about it. Stop it. It rocks. I actually got all weepy during the episode where Dog and his wife, Beth, finally got married. It was just lovely.

#2 - Most anything on the Food Network. It could because I am on Weight Watchers, but I have suddenly become obsessed with food. My two favorites right now, Paula Deen's show - yummy, yummy - and ANYTHING with Alton him! His show, Feasting on Asphalt is great....Has anyone seen this? He and his adorable self travel across the country on a BMW motorcycle eating "road food" (not to be confused with road head...wait, did I just say that?) at local restaurants. They stopped some place in Evansville and ate brain was nasty....don't think I will be eating in Evansville anytime soon....

#3 - Take Home Chef (TLC, I think). To go along with that food adorable Australian chef named Curtis picks people up in grocery stores and buys them groceries then goes home and cooks this gourmet meal for the shopper and his/her family. Excellent. (And he's just plain hot. He can pick me up any day.)

#4 - The 4400 (USA Network). This has been Mr. P and my summer TV staple since it started, what, three or four years ago. Great show...kind of a Lost meets SciFi Network crossed with Passion of the Christ. Love it.

#4 - Monk (USA Network). Monk and I go back and forth. Loved it when it first came out. Then when Sharona left the show, I was sad and stopped watching. Now I absolutely love Traylor Howard's character, Natalie....she and Monk are perfect together. And Tony Shalhoub is truly a brilliant actor. Funny stuff - great story lines...Monk as Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, Monk at his 25th College Reunion, and Monk in the midst of a sanitation worker strike. Hilarious.

There you go - it's no Real World Whereever They Are Now or Paris and Nicole: Bulimia Buddies Forever or anything, but it's some good stuff all the same.

What's everyone else watching????

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