Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"It's a great day to be alive...."*

Good morning, all...

Just thought I would share the wonderful news - he did it! He went through with it. My eternally-bachelored brother is officially hitched! Yay!

It was a beautiful beach wedding...a breathtakingly lovely bride... close friends and family... great music and touching vows. I couldn't possibly be more happy for K&K2.

On another note, I spent the time between the wedding breakfast and dinner hanging out with some of K's friends, two of whom I have known since I was in sixth grade. Their fondest memory of me? My unhealthy obsession with New Kids on the Block. Awesome. We all started out by the hotel pool, drinking Coronas, lovingly purchased, iced down, and delivered to the pool by my father....who rocks. Duh. Deciding we were hungry...and needing more beer...we headed to the local Hooters....where, interestingly, I saw no hooters. Seriously. I saw skinny biznatches in shiny pantyhose and orange polyester shorts...but no hooters. WTF? Aside from this fact, we had a great time swapping stories about my brother and his infamously crazy ex-girlfriends. So fun.

Thank you, K&K2, for allowing me to share this most important occasion with you.

*My bro "Pied Piper"-ed everyone to their spot on the beach by singing and playing this song as we all followed behind him. It was a perfect way to start the ceremony.

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