Friday, January 20, 2006

A few items of TV note....

(1) I watched "Dancing with the Stars" last night. I think I am in love with that Keebler wrestler chick ...seriously. Her legs alone are taller than me...and what grace! I was impressed.

(2) I DV-R'ed the Golden Globes and just watched them. Now, I know you are thinking, what the hell? The results have already been published, why the hell would you want to watch them now? Well, duh. Fast-forward capabilities. No one cares about "Best Foreign Film" or who is this year's "Miss Golden Globes." I wanted to see the cluster f*ck acceptance speeches (Sandra Oh - god love her.), the tears-inspiring acceptance speeches (S. Epatha Merkerson and Felicity Huffman), and the rather clever acceptance speeches (Steve Carell and Hugh Laurie - two of my favorite guys from two of my favorite shows). Oh yeah, and I wanted to see Drew Barrymore's dress.

(Is there a lesbian theme going here or what?)

(3) Speaking of Sandra Oh - I have just recently began watching "Grey's Anatomy." What a great show! Clever, interesting, and, well, Patrick Dempsey is fab. But does anyone else think that that Ellen Pompeo chick (the "Grey" in Grey's Anatomy) looks like a bizarro Renee Zellweger. Very odd, indeed.

(4) I am hating the whole "April" storyline on "Gilmore Girls" - either get married or don't, Luke & Lorelai, I am getting bored. Where's Christopher when I need him? But does anyone else think that Sherilyn Fenn looks like a bizarro Lauren Graham? Also, quite odd.

(5) Finally, I DV-R'ed "Love Monkey" with Tom Cavanagh and Jason Priestley, but have not had a chance to watch it yet. Is it worth my time and my DV-R space?????

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