Monday, January 09, 2006


A big apology to my three readers. Things have been a bit busy here at my end. The other female (yep, there were only two female associates...and one female partner, in a firm of 30.... good times) and I have been stuck with the many messes she has left of them being a potential motion to compel if I don't get some discovery to plaintiff's counsel this month (yeah, they sent it to her in May...MAY, people!). Grrrrrrrr.

So, besides work, my time has been consumed with deciding on what breed of dog to get to keep Bela far I have it narrowed down to a miniature schnauzer, a Labradoodle, or a whippet. The last one comes at the suggestion of my boss who has one of his own and loves it. Plus, it meets all my criteria: no barking, no shedding, low maintenance and kind of a couch potato...and that is the whippet. So we will see. The only problem with the whippet that I can see so far is that, every time I say the breed name, I sing the silly "Whip It!" song. Maybe I will name the dog "Devo." Hmmmmm....

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