Friday, June 16, 2006

Matt Lauer & Britney Spears...seriously, y'all!

E.Spat discussed this a bit, and I HAD to second her emotion. Whoa.

If ever Brit needed the opportunity for a sort of image makeover, this would have been the perfect time. New hair, new look, no chewing gum, that kind of thing....but no. It was typical Britney, full of "y'all"s and "We're country" and bad extensions and Bubble Yum and the need for a root job and new mascara (and possibly a bath) as well as a see-through shirt and pink bra and pregnant belly and denim micro mini-skirt and flipflops.

And, honestly, I was sad for her. Not just for not having the decency to kick K.Fed. to the curb, but for being seemingly overwhelmed with the responsibilities she now has as a new wife and mother....and for having the stalkerazzi catch every oops and slipup that all new wives and mothers experience....

However, my sadness slowly dissipated with every air quote that Brit used as the interview progressed. It was bad. At first, I counted the air quotes...I think I had gotten to about 6 or 7 in the first half hour, but then I gave I was completely dumbfounded by her inability to answer Lauer's questions - not for avoidance's sake, but instead, apparently without the ability to formulate coherent and cogent responses...she would start off okay, but then ramble off into an oblivion. Yikes.

My suggestion for Brit - beyond the obvious wardrobe and divorce lawyer consults, of course, would be- read a few books....maybe take some classes at the local community college...something - anything! A mind is truly a terrible thing to waste - and hers seems to be moving closer and closer to the trash can.

Step it up, Brit - you can do better! If not for you, then for Sean P. and Baby #2....they certainly aren't going to get it from their father!

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