Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What lawyers discuss after they have concluded the academic debate of thongs vs granny undies....

One of many intelligent email discussions between lovely lady lawyers, A, T, KS & KP:

T: I just love that A emailed all of us to tell her about her smooth a$$ in her granny panty undies. Classic.

KP: Because that is certainly what I wanted to read about while writing my reply memorandum to our MSJ...a smooth butt goes well with a claim for violation of riparian rights :)

A: Riparian is such a sexual word.

KP: God, I wish it's so not. It's two people bitching about boat docks. Not sexy in the least.

KS: It is if I ask you in a sexy voice whether you'd like to dock your boat in my...dock

KP: would have been sexy had you not used the same word twice.... How 'bout "pull your boat into my dock"????

Yep. Riparian rights, boat docks, and sex. Good times.

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