Monday, May 21, 2007

Cross your fingers and hold your heart.

The title is for my BFF Amanda. Thanks to her and my girls, Kyleen & Heidi, and law school buddy, Matt, for coming to see my show yesterday. Though I was unable to see them, it was awesome to know that they were in the audience rooting for me. Thanks guys, for making the trek north for a little KP and Cole Porter. You are the best.

In other news, I have new wheels! Yes, I have finally rid myself of the Accord, and am now, oddly, driving the same kind of car as my parents. Does that make me feel a little old? Yep. I am afraid so. Or maybe my parents are just extra cool. I think it is the latter. Either way, I LOVE my new car. Here it is:

It's a Hyundai Santa Fe...and it rocks. Fully loaded with fabulous butt-warmer seats and a killer sound system. (And it has a 5 year/100K warranty which is pretty awesome.) So very excited about driving it to Gulf Shores in a few weeks!!!!

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