Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Counting my blessings....

So, to go along with Amanda's thoughts about things that make you feel better after a stressful day, I give you a couple small victories that occurred during a week of complete shit...

(1) I made a BFF laugh out loud while she read the list I prepared for her of all the reasons she rocked (a small sample: awesome trial lawyer - for being a plaintiff's attorney, of course, also she knew the word "roadhead" and she laughs every time I say "foghat"...yeah, long story) - yay!

(2) I had only a minor squabble with a big city civil rights plaintiff's attorney yesterday during our preliminary pre-trial conference...and I won - yay yay!

(3) Quincy didn't shit his crate yesterday - yay yay yay!

Yep - it's been that bad of a week that I rejoice when my puppy doesn't poop the crate. Good times. Things can only get better, right?

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