Friday, March 17, 2006

Sins of the Father

My boss and I have a bizarre relationship. Although he is brilliant and I want to be like him when I grow up, he is rather sheltered and naive about things in general. (Seriously the most naive 49 year old man I have ever met). Especially things of an unseemly nature. Which cracks me up. So I have made it my goal to "dirty" him up a bit...basically, I like to fuck with his head. He says I am "disconcerting" in that way.

Today, during one of our many random back and forths via email, I received a lesson on mortal went something like this:

Me: (regarding the concept of purgatory - don't ask) I never really understood that concept...I thought that was for dead babies. Not the same?

Him: (completely shocked by my ignorance) No. People who have not been baptized, die having committed mortal sins who have not been to confession, or otherwise are not quite worthy of Heaven go to Purgatory. That is, for those who don’t qualify to go to Hell immediately. While in Purgatory, others pray for your salvation.

Me: (regarding above-mentioned mind fuck) So which of those three do you think I am going for?

Him: (with remarkable candor) Well I have been baptized so that one is out of the picture. The mortal sin thing has me worried however!!!! As far as being unworthy for Heaven, well that is already up in the air!

Me: (about to wet my imitation leather chair) LMAO! I can see why you did so well on your are quite good at the process of elimination. What exactly are "mortal sins," really????? I mean, is it THAT black and white...I am much of more of a "gray" kind of gal.

Him: (again putting on his CCD/RE hat) Mortal sins include: Murder, Rape, Adultery, Abortion, etc. Serious stuff!

Me: (incredulous) Okay...yeah. That's the get you to have an abortion. Damn, you found me out.

He later admitted that he threw the whole "abortion" thing in there to piss me off as we tend to disagree on social/political issues (abortion, homosexuality, etc.).

Although it was a truly enjoyable and informative exchange, I am still trying to figure out to whom to bill my time! I think I will categorize it as "associate development"!!!!!!!

**This post is dedicated to my boss - as I described him to my BFF - the ultimate leprechaun...Boston Irish Catholic ND grad, B.S. and J.D.


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