Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fun findings while completing a discovery request...

While doing document review for one of our clients, one of the largest pet containment manufacturers and distributors in the country, I came across the following fun statistics:

93% of US pet owners are likely to risk their lives for the lives of their pets.
83% of US pet owners refer to themselves in relation to their pet as Mom or Dad.
45% of US pet owners feel their pet listens to them better than their spouse.
20% of US pet owners include their pets in their wills.
28% of dog owners own toothbrushes for their dogs.
78% of US pet owners talk to their pets in a different voice from their normal voice
62% of US pet owners celebrate pet birthdays.
52% of US pet owners remember their neighbor’s pet’s name, but not their neighbor’s name.
90% of US pet owners would not date someone who didn’t like their pets.
63% of US pet owners spend more than 2 hours of quality time with their pets every day.
At least 63% of dog owners admit to kissing their dogs.

Except for the one about the will (only b/c I haven't done one yet!), all of these are pretty accurate as to my relationship with my "kids," Bela & Quincy.

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