Saturday, March 11, 2006

Why, America??????

Why did you vote cutie Will and crazy-Jesus freak Gedeon off in favor of Bucky "Smashed potatoes" Covington and Fetus Covais? Seriously. I mean, Will wasn't great, but he was super cute and I think he could have gotten better....and Gedeon- well, the dude is old school Sam Cooke and I really dug it. I mean, I hated it whenever he said "God Bless" all freaky-robot-Heaven's Gate-like...but still...he is really talented...and his dad just died. :(

Now the girls? I am good with that. I wasn't all sold on Kinnik - I think she was okay, but boy, were her song choices bad. And Ayla, yeah - she wasn't working for me either....and I don't really care about Melissa, other than I really think she has got the trashy thing going for her. I am all about Mandisa...and looking forward to another song by Lisa Tucker - b/c as they say on Television without Pity "I am smellin' what the Tuck is cookin'." She is excellent.

My faves - number 1 - Elliott (love him, love him, love him), number 2 - Mandisa, number 3- Chris, number 4-Taylor, number 5 - Lisa...after that, I don't really give a shit.

And Ace...what's that whole myth about handkerchiefs in your back pocket? Yeah, I 'm just sayin'. Can't deal.

More thoughts on AI - check out Heidi's thoughts on Elliott, Taylor, and the fetus.

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