Wednesday, April 05, 2006

N.D. then A.I.

Hello, my dear Readers,

I am sure you all are expecting the latest AI rant, full of comments about the inane shit that occurred last night...Paula on the wacky weed, Simon calling Ryan out about Hatchcrest, Kenny Rogers as Madame Tussaud wax figure, Kellie Pickler declaring her love for "Hooked on Phonics"...and we haven't even gotten the performances yet.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to post on said country jamboree today....this afternoon, I am heading to Notre Dame Law School. There, tomorrow morning, my boss-slash-trial lawyer extraordinaire goes head to head with my former and (favorite) civil rights professor-slash-civil liberties guru in front of the 7th Circuit! Woo hoo!!!! Who will I root for?????

Check back tomorrow evening for the full recap and results...

I am off to make my glittery "I *heart* Ken" sign for oral arguments tomorrow!

Love, KP

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