Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bizarre Celebrity Crushes

This was the topic of today's lunch conversation. It started off by way of comparing Dr. Derek Shepherd aka Dr. McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy to Matthew Fox's character on Lost (I don't watch - so I don't know his name..."Charlie" from Party of Five...that guy), and who I liked better. Of course, being that I don't watch Lost, I said McDreamy.

Then I said that I liked Dr. Gregory House better than both of them. One of my lunch companions had never seen House M.D., so he did not know who Hugh Laurie was. My other lunch companion commented that my celebrity crushes are rather odd and tend to "run the gamut." I agreed with him wholeheartedly. I have BIZARRE celebrity crushes.

Exhibit A - My top three bizarre celebrity crushes in no particular order:

(1) Richard Schiff: "Toby Zeigler," The West Wing (If you read my blog - if you have EVER read my blog- you will know that I am a huge Toby's that whole tortured soul thing. I can't help it.)

(2) Hugh Laurie: "Dr. Gregory House," House M.D. (Love the scruff, love the eyes, love the biting sarcasm. Plus, its that whole tortured soul thing. I can't help it.)

(3) Alan Rickman - in most anything he has ever done: Dogma, Harry Potter series, Truly, Madly, Deeply, and most importantly, Sense & Sensibility. (I think it's the voice...or in the case of Colonel Brandon, Rickman's character in S&S, the whole tortured soul thing again....)

Honorable Mention: My favorite TV crime solvers
William Petersen: "Gil Grissom," CSI
Mandy Patinkin: "Jason Gideon," Criminal Minds
Anthony LaPaglia: "Jack Malone," Without a Trace

Alright, people - time to own up to your own bizarre celeb crushes! Let's hear 'em...the weirder, the better!!!!!

And if I see one "Brad Pitt" or "Orlando Bloom" listed, I will vomit.

(Apparently, I am not alone in this topic. Check it out!)

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