Monday, May 15, 2006

The West Wing RIP

Last night was the series finale of The West Wing. I don't know what I expected from the end of this series, but yeah, that wasn't it. I really wished they would have spent less time with what the new president and his staff would be doing and more time on what the old guard's plans were for the future. I think that the script alluded to CJ's plans to go back to California and work for pseudo-Bill Gates and be with Danny (yay!)....they further alluded to Will's plans to run for a seat in Oregon (huh?)....and the president did discuss with Charlie his plans to attend Georgetown Law (yay again!).

Okay, so basically, what I missed in this ep was Toby. Not a surprise to anyone who knows me. I just hoped that TPTB would have made more of the Toby/Bartlet thing than just whether Jed would sign the warrant. I mean, Toby wasn't even in the episode!!!!!!! What the hell. Ronna had more face time during the ep than Toby. Boo!!!!!!

I guess I thought that they would take us forward to the dedication of the Bartlet Presidential Library as they did in the first episode of the this season - a kind of coming full circle, if you will. But no. They didn't. Instead, I listened to Keb Mo play guitar, watched Bram move in to Charlie's office and be an ass about it, and got bored as Helen Santos went on about having to attend 9 balls.

BUT - on a positive note, I loved seeing the pilot episode - what a drastic contrast from the finale. Sam and Toby and Josh and CJ mixing it up with the religious right....woo hoo. So very good. I think I will be purchasing the first few seasons on DVD!

Anyway - overall, I give the finale a B. And really, it is just b/c there was no Toby.

*sniff, sniff*

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