Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Damn You, Felicity!

What the hell is up with The WB not giving me fair warning that "Gilmore Girls" was not going to be on last night because, instead, they aired some crap American Girl movie entitled "Felicity." Seriously, that is not fair. It almost ruined my night. That is, until Hugh Laurie saved the day! Another excellent "House" ep.

On another note, I have an eye exam tonight. I am considering getting contact lenses. I haven't had them since junior high - and that was a tremendously bad experience. One soft lens, one gas permeable...and I never got them clean enough...and I ripped one...and then I lost one...and I was stuck wearing the Sally Jessy Raphael red frames that I thought were cool when I was ten.

Yeah, I was a pretty ugly junior high-er. But that is another post for another time.

Anyway, I am assuming the the contact lens technology has advanced since that time, and that I would have an easier time of the whole experience. However, I am tremendously lazy and don't want to have put any effort into being able to see (hence, the wearing of glasses), which is similar to my not wanting to put any effort into my hair (which is why it is a blessing that I have naturally curly hair). So...should I go with contacts and move into the 21st century of eyewear...or do I stick with a good ol' pair of glasses????

Tough call.

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