Monday, November 21, 2005

I need a weekend from my weekend!

Phew!!!! Busy, busy weekend...

Friday night - Mr. P and I did most of our Thanksgiving shopping. My brother is coming from Chicago and is POSSIBLY bringing his g-friend, Josie. So we had to make sure we had all necessary groceries, beyond the actual T'giving dinner - which we are getting from Fresh Market (the greatest dinner ever for $59.99).

Saturday - Mr. P & I went to the Notre Dame game! It was my first Irish experience and we had a great time. Most of the coaching staff at Unnamed Catholic HS where Mr. P is assistant principal went down early (like 8 am early - which where we live means they left at 6 am early) and scouted out the parking spot and started making breakfast on the grill. By the time we arrived - at around 10 am - we were served eggs and bacon and sausage! Then they started on lunch foods...brats and hamburgers...these people know how to tailgate. Of course, all of this food was washed down with beer and screwdrivers. Mr. P & I bolted after lunch and headed to campus where we met up with an ND student who had gotten our tix. Checked out Touchdown Jesus and watched the band and then headed to our seats. And by seats, I mean the tiny strip of wood in which I had to squeeze my big ass. Holy crap. I was sitting so close to the person next to me, that in some countries, I think we are now married...I am not sure. Beyond the claustrophobia-inducing seating, it was a great time! ND beat the hell out of Syracuse - and the weather behaved the whole time! :)

Sunday - You woud think that I would have spent all day Sunday recovering from Saturday...but noooooooo! I had to go to Sears and pick out a snow blower. Do you know how much I don't give a crap which model we buy? As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Sunday night, we had to attend a fundraiser for Unnamed Catholic HS at a local bar here in town. For 20 bucks, you got snacks, all the draft beer you could drink, and a live band. So, although I didn't do much drinking, I danced my ass usual. The place was packed with people - both drunk and sober, getting their schwerve on. It was a great night! Too bad it was SUNDAY!!!

So, here I am...Monday morning...throat sore from screaming at Saturday's game, muscles sore from dancing at Sunday's fundraiser...oh yeah, and arm sore - because I had to get a FREAKING FLU SHOT THIS MORNING at 7 am. Needless to say, I am going to be pretty much worthless for the rest of the day!!!!

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