Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's Turkey-Lurkey Time!!!*

Well, my first T'giving in my new house is tomorrow! YAY! My brother is coming down from Chicago (if he doesn't get stuck in the heinous blizzard we are supposed to get) and we are having a nice little family holiday together. Of course, I am purchasing much of the big dinner from Fresh Market, but hey, I am a busy, working woman - in the cleanest sense of the phrase - and do not have time for a Martha Stewart dinner...I barely have time for the Rachael Ray Thanksgiving dinner in 60 minutes dinner. So it is all about me and Fresh Market.

Don't be a hater.

Things to do over the long weekend:
1. See the new "Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire" AND "Rent"
2. Watch a bunch of DVDs that my mentor here at work insists I see (including "Annie Hall"...which I don't know about b/c I am not a huge Woody Allen fan)
3. Drink some great pinot noir and eat about a pound of mashed potatoes.
4. Figure out what is going on with my brother and his French pseudo-girlfriend.
5. Meet up with my favorite ex-Juvenile Law prof/DTS sponsor/lover of "Mamma Mia," as he is going to be in the area.

And maybe I will catch up on some work...........maybe not.

I think it sounds like a plan!

*For Chuck

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