Thursday, November 17, 2005

DVR is My Friend

After moving here to the Fort, Mr. P and I decided we would splurge a little ($9.95 a month!) and get the DVR option for our cable service. Holy cow - that is the best 10 bucks a month I have ever spent. Why? Well, because every show that is worth a crap is on Tuesday nights...what happened to "Must See TV" on Thursdays??? Why can't the TV Powers that Be spread the love? On Tuesdays alone - from 8 pm to 10 pm - the following shows air: "Gilmore Girls," "Supernatural," "Bones," "House," "My Name is Earl," and "The Office." That, my friends, is completely unfair. So I have had to make some TV sacrifices.

I have, of course, continued my obsession with "Gilmore Girls" (thank you, Heidi)...even with the crappy deal with Rory going off the deep end, living with the G'parents and joining the it stays. I tape "Bones" during that time b/c...well, David Boreanaz (sp?) is a fine piece of manflesh...and a great actor....oh, and it is a good show. I then watch "House" - b/c I continue my obsession with Hugh Laurie as well. But I also have to tape it b/c Mr. P is not home and will want to see it. (Note - Mr. P. does not have a Hugh Laurie fetish...he just likes the show). Such dilemmas. This means NO hot Supernatural boys...and no superbly funny "My Name is Earl" and "The Office"...what is a girl to do?????

Don't even get me started on moving "The West Wing" to Sunday nights opposite "Cold Case."

I have also found my new Wednesday favorite TV show - and NO, it is not "Lost"...I missed the boat on it. And I just don't think it is a TV show you can jump into. So, instead, I am hooked into "Criminal Minds." Anything with Mandy Patinkin in it and I am, if only he would sing, it would be even better. But how do you work a Broadway tune into a story line involving the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit? I guess about as well as you work one into a storyline about a Chicago doctor ("Chicago Hope"). Come on, Mandy...just one song!!!

Overall, I have been quite impressed with some of the new shows this season. But I still have nothing to watch on Monday nights (once football is over, natch) and Thursdays...what are you guys watching????

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