Friday, December 23, 2005

The Bela-monster

Thanks to all who left their thoughts and prayers - both here on the blog and over email. They were much appreciated.

As for Bela, I think she is going to be okay. She wanders around the house every once in awhile hoping to find Lucy so she can lick Lucy's face and make her crazy. When she gets let out, Bela always looks back to see if her old friend is coming outside after her. But she is eating well and sleeping well and has not destroyed any furniture. These were our main concerns. I have, of course, spoiled her completely rotten (even more rotten than before, if that is possible). She received a new toy and new bones to chew. It is certainly Christmas for Bela.

Of course, I feel terribly guilty b/c she is going to the kennel for the next three days while we are out of town, but that cannot be avoided.

Boy, does the doggy mom guilt ever end???!!!

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