Thursday, December 22, 2005

We'll miss you, my dear friend.

As some of you readers may know, I am a dog lover. Mr. P & I are the proud owners of two wonderful and sweet pooches: a black Lab named Bela, age 4, and our "old woman," Lucy, a 14 year old Brittany spaniel that we inherited from some friends the year after we married. Well, sadly, after much discussion and many tears, yesterday, Mr. P. took Lucy to the vet where we had her put to sleep. I know this is such a sad thing to discuss, but this is my blog and I need to write about it, if only just to get it out. Lucy was really struggling mentally. Both the vet and we believe that Lucy had "doggy dementia" - she did not wish to be petted anymore, nor did she want to be around anyone, including Bela. She would pace the house for hours on end - at lease 60 to 70 times at a time. She would cry constantly, as if in pain. Finally, toward the end, she was becoming incontinent. We believed that, although extremely painful for all involved, that she didn't deserve to live in such a condition. So, luckily, Mr. P, being the wonderful husband that he is, took her to the vet. He said it was the hardest thing that he has ever had to do in his life. I can believe that.

The worst part about it was that, when I got home last night, Lucy's stocking, with her name in gold glitter, was still hanging on the mantle next to Bela's. It completely broke my heart. It is all I can right now not to break down and cry.

I love you, Lucy. You were the kindest, sweetest, smartest girl. We will all miss you.

But, I think Bela will, most of all.

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