Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"House-isms" (or "Why I freaking love this show!")

In honor of Hugh Laurie's Golden Globe nom, I give you some of my favorite quotes from the last couple episodes of House:

Foreman: “She a regular at Off Track Betting. Somehow I don't see her holding down a nine-to-five and going to PTA meetings.”
House: “I was there and I have a nine-to...-three job.”
- Deception

House: “What else turns you on? Drugs? Casual sex? Rough sex? Casual rough sex? I'm a doctor, I need to know.”
- Deception

Stacy: “Where’s Chase?”
House: “He’s too busy to service you until after work. I’ve got a few minutes, though. Feel free to say something like, ‘What’ll we do with the time left over?’”
- The Mistake

House: “You know me. Hostility makes me shrink up like a… I can’t think of a non-sexual metaphor.”
- Spin

House: “You ever notice all of the self-sacrificing women in history, Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa…....I can’t think of any others, they all die alone. Men, on the other hand, get so much 'tang it’s crazy.”
- TB Or Not TB

House: “Union rules. I can’t check out this guy’s seeping gonorrhea this close to lunch.”
- Autopsy

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