Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Potpourri for $200, Alex.

Just a couple thoughts on the weekend:

- Went with glasses. But very hip, lightweight, almost nonexistent rimless glasses. I dig 'em...and I don't have to worry about cleaning and ripping and being stuck with the wrectched SJR red rims of my youth.

- Did some Christmas shopping on Saturday with the lone female partner here at the firm...and the only female attorney here whose company I enjoy...was a good time. Cracker Barrel breakfast, followed by outlet mall shopping, followed by regular mall shopping...which then required a beer or two at the Friday's located in the mall!!!! I then went on by myself to the mall on my side of town, to find a freakin' dress for our firm Christmas party. I went to Von Maur and dropped waaaaay too much money on a dress. I now have dress guilt. I may return it. I just think it is wrong that the little sweater thing i bought to go over the dress costs almost the same amount as the dress itself. I may end up wearing the dress I wore to the Law School Prom last year. I don't know. Grrrr. I hate being so indecisive.

- Went to the Dome on Sunday to watch the Colts completely kick the crap out of Steve McNair and the Tennessee Titans. Had a great time...even though one beer cost almost seven bucks. Something is seriously wrong with that!

- Finally got all our Christmas decorations up, as well as our tree. We went with the 9 foot, prelit, "slim" artificial tree. Love it, absolutely love it. My house looks quite festive. OH - and we added a bunch more pretty lights outside...still won't win the big prize of $25.00, but pretty all the same.

All in all, a nice weekend...

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