Friday, February 17, 2006

A couple things...

This story makes me so very sad, especially after I saw Vivi on the news this morning. She looks just like my Quincy - with the same coloring and everything. I so hope they find her. Quincy, Bela, and I are sending plenty of whippet prayers to Vivi's family in the hopes that she comes back safe and sound.
Did anyone else just BAWL like a small child through the entire "(As We Know It)" episode of"Grey's Anatomy" this week??? Holy snotty nose, Batman! Between the bomb squad guy, and the shower scene, and O'Malley and Bailey (William George! Awwww...), I was an absolute mess. Hats off to that show - great, great television.
Really looking forward to this season's American Idol. Early favorites: Lisa Tucker, the 16 year old singer, who, if I understood correctly, had performed in "The Lion King,"; Taylor Hicks, the 20-something prematurely gray-haired guy with Joe Cocker vibe; and Ace....something. I don't know what his last name is...does he even have a last name? He was so gosh darn gorgeous, I didn't pay attention to his name!

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