Monday, February 27, 2006

Idol Thoughts

Sorry this is late - I just watched the eps over the weekend.

Guys -
Elliott Yamin (anyone that can rock Stevie Wonder like he did deserves serious praise...even though he does need some dental work. I don't care - he is my favorite. Hands down.)
Taylor Hicks (great voice, great personality - and love the hair)
Chris Daughtry (he actually sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" BETTER than JBJ)
Ace...Ace...Ace. (completely and utterly hot. And he sang "Father Figure"...come on. That is hot.)

Katharine McPhee (seriously - one of the best voices on the, she is lovely and unassuming and has awesome presence)
Lisa Tucker (I cannot believe she is only 16 - wow...such poise and class...she has tremendous musicality and a great ear)
Paris Bennett (I cannot believe she is only 16 - what is going on?!?! So good - and singing Gladys Knight....really really freakin' well)
Mandisa (anyone that can outsing Nancy Wilson has my vote!)

I am thankful that the "I am too fat for this show" (not really, but he seems to think so) guy who sang the "Copacabana" mess is gone. No one has the right to butcher a Barry Manilow song like he did! Unfortunately, I didn't see the other guy sing, but I think that that Bucky whatshisface that looks like he hasn't showered in a month and a half really needs to go. I'm just sayin'. Bo Bice he is not.

And "Pick Pickler"?????? Holy shit. Stop yourself.

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