Wednesday, March 23, 2005

American Idol Redux

Okay, as a vocalist, I have to say that I am rather impressed with most of the contestants on this season's AI. Having said that, I must recant a comment I made in an earlier AI post.....

Mikalah NEEDS TO GO. Wow. She is scary bad. Randy made a really good comment about her. He missed the energetic, teenage Mikalah. She got up and was all sexy, sultry Taylor Dayne, and she looked like she had been playing in her mom's makeup. Not good. Plus her vowel placement is so very bizarre. She is gone.

LOVED Carrie Underwood's rendition of "Alone" by Heart. She was absolutely amazing. She has absolutely no break from her head to chest voice and THAT alone is completely she picked an extremely difficult song. It was so much better than all the country stuff. She looked great and I now love her.

THANK GOD NIKKO IS BACK. Ooh, I just love him and thought he really pulled it off last night!

Thought Bo did a nice job. Very subdued performance and a lovely song.

Vonzell - Great, great, great...she looked fabulous and sang her ass off.

Beyond that, I was less than moved. Constantine's facial expressions half scare me and half make me want to go take a shower. The faux-hawk that Nadia was sporting was over the top (gotta agree with Simon there) and her song was awful. Anwar was okay, although I do really like him, but picking a song by Chaka...damn, boy - that took guts. And I am sorry, Jessica Sierra...NOT GOOD. I love that song and all, but to me - that is kareoke, that is not AI. Her look is ehh. Her voice is ehh.

I am sure I am forgetting performers, but those are my thoughts!

Ooh, and "House M.D." was on afterwards....such a good show! Everyone must watch "House"...if just to see Hugh Laurie & Robert Sean Leonard!

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