Thursday, March 03, 2005

So much to little inspiration...

1. I have JUST starting watching this season's American Idol. Yes, I am behind. I am well-aware. However, I have to say that the people that got booted last night definitely deserved a good booting! My faves right now: for the guys - Nikko Smith & Bo Bice; for the girls.....*cricket, cricket* I am ill-impressed with the women. However, I did enjoy Carrie Underwood and really liked Mikalah Gordon. But I bet her personality will get on my nerves. We will see.

2. There is a fabulous show that comes on after American Idol on Mondays. It is called House M.D. Holy cow - it is great! Hugh Laurie is hilarious - and it is so great to see Robert Sean Leonard workin' it in a white lab coat! Just started watching it this week and I already can't wait for next week's episode!

3. Heidi and I went to Greenwood yesterday...okay, we went to Greenwood TWICE yesterday. She treated me to a pedicure as a "thank you" for helping her with her paper. We had tons of fun shoe shopping and lunching at Qdoba! But of course, I forgot my coat so we had to traverse back to the damn nail place. Yeah, and on the lost in some neighborhood with street names like "friendship way" and "friendship drive" and "friendship boulevard." What the hell? Why do they do that? Couldn't the street name people be a little bit more creative?????

4. What did I think of last night's episode of The West Wing? I'm glad you asked! I thought it was really very good. It was nice to see the president again, as he has been MIA lately. Loved Toby with the kids...loved Cliff Calley with....everyone. Damn, he is cute. And the episode was FUNNY - which was a nice relief from last week's brawl! YAY!

5. Busted out my BNL greatest hits CD today on the way to work. Listened to "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" - what a great song! Just sayin'.

6. I had to listen to above-named CD because my Jeep ATE MY TAPE. Damnit. I am in the middle of listening to "American Pastoral" by Philip Roth on tape. I am sooo digging it. It is read by Ron Silver - who I know as Bruno on TWW. And right in the middle of a particularly important section, the tape goes "wereoidufsahidgule." Yeah. Nice. I was pissed. Those of you who know me know I am an uber-nerd and LOVE books on tape. It makes my hour and a half commute go by quickly. So now I am either just going to give up on this book or go on to the next tape with no idea what happened in the last tape. Grrrr.

That's it for now...more ranting later.

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