Friday, April 29, 2005

A couple more random thoughts...

from my finals-stressed, information overloaded and utterly disorganized and uncreative brain:

1. Good news first - we think we sold our house!!! YAY! Pending the inspection and everything, we are good to go! And considering we had an inspection done RIGHT before we put the house on the market, I don't think there will be any problems. SO - hooray for house-selling!

2. The current law school mess. There is a really good analysis of what is going on - if you want to read it - where I have commented, go here. If you want more of a tirade about it, you can go here. Why is it more of a "tirade," you might ask? Well, he uses the word "asshat" which made me laugh :) All I have to say is: Holy balls, people! WTF?! The comments have now gone past polite commentary about one young professor and his students desire for him to have tenure...
  • to bashing other well-respected professors, which I think is completely inappropriate (yes, I know about the First Amendment...I took Freedom of Speech, Press, and Religion - from our favorite retiring prof, but I still think it is disrespectful and shows that some of these students have overinflated senses of entitlement)
  • to commenting on the brilliance of other professors (which for the most part, I agree - I had a kickass first year lineup of profs - including young tenure wanting prof- and tho' I did not have W as a first year, everyone knows I adore him) -
  • NOW to talking about how good said young tenure-wanting professor looks in a SWEATER VEST and comparing said professor to VIN DIESEL. Come on, folks....really? Don't y'all have some finals or some shit. We have resorted to discussing the hotness or lack of hotness of our faculty. Yikes. This can only end badly.

That's it....back to remedies...that is taught by my fave "Kenny Rogers" looking prof. ;)

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