Tuesday, April 12, 2005

List of Random Thoughts

1. I have a cold. I think I will blame it on Heidi and her petri-dish niece.

2. I am supposed to be researching fireworks injuries in states that are required (by state law) to report them annually: Massachusetts, Texas, Colorado, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Funny thing is, only Massachusetts, Texas, and Hawaii annually report the injuries. In fact, when I spoke to the fire marshal's office in Colorado, the yokel said, "Well, I believe that Bob used to do 'em...but he retired, so we don't do 'em anymore." Oh, good. Blame it on Bob and his retirement. Nice. Very frustrating. But such is the life of a law clerk at a fireworks law firm. (Only 2 more work days left!)

3. Both Crawford v. Washington (and its reconciliation with Ohio v. Roberts) and Daubert make my head hurt. (For those of you that haven't taken evidence, just wait...you WILL get a migraine...I promise.)

4. I have been to Mass two Sundays in a row. I am considering converting. But I have a problem with the whole abortion thing...and the whole birth control thing...and the whole gay marriage thing...........yeah, maybe not.

5. I want some hot pink Chuck Taylors, the new Sarah Vowell book, and a new summer handbag. I hate being a poor law student.

6. I am fascinated with this website. (Thanks to E.Spat at WWFFD for the heads-up). You will be too.

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