Thursday, April 28, 2005

Paula Abdul = Tammy Faye Bakker

Holy crap! Did anyone else see the end of the American Idol when Constantine was singing his farewell song???? She was bawling like someone kicked her dog!!!! I have never seen anything like it.

As for Constantine's departure, I am surprised. I mean, yeah, it was a really really bad performance. I mean really bad - in fact, his performance of "How You Remind Me" last night was actually waaaay better than the same song on Tuesday. I think if he would have sang more and screamed less, he might have been able to stick around. Because it was really bad on Tuesday. Did I say it was bad? Horrendous.

But what I was even more shocked about was the list of people in the bottom three:

Constantine, A. Feddy, and Vonzell (!!!!).

What? Yeah, she didn't do THAT great Tuesday night, but damn - that girl is good. And so is A. Feddy for that matter! Where was Scott? Holy cow - what is this world coming to? America - you were doing so well when you got rid of Anwar...and now what have you done?

Oh, least I won't feel the need to shower after every episode due to the extreme filthiness I feel everytime Constantine pouts at me from the TV screen. That's a plus, right?

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