Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Songs from the Year You Were Born... (AI Recap for Chuck!)

was the theme of last night's American Idol. And all it did was make me feel really, really freakin' old. But overall, I was pretty impressed with the performances and agreed with the judges. Here's the recap: (again, in no particular order b/c I am doing it from memory)

Favorite performance of the night (once again): Vonzell Solomon.
Vonzell sang "Let's Hear It For the Boy" by Deniece Williams from 1984. NINETEEN EIGHTY FREAKIN FOUR. This song was perfect for her. She had the look, the sound, the energy. She was ON! I definitely think she may have what it takes to go all the way, even after being in the bottom four last week.

Least Favorite performance of the night: Nadia Turner. Once again, I am ill impressed with Nadia. First off, I couldn't even tell you what the song title was. I remembered that it had something to do with dreaming - b/c that is why she said she picked it - and Crystal Gayle sang it. Yep, I would definitely pick a song that that crazy-ass long haired lady sang. It was unmemorable, and I have to agree with Simon - it was "musical wallpaper."

The others:
A. Feddy sang "Everytime you Go Away" by Paul Brown. And for some reason, I am thinking this song came out in 1985. That is crazy stuff right there!!!! But, he did an excellent job. And although I don't particularly care for how he looks, or his Ellis Island-esque story, the song was perfect for him. I think this performance will keep him out of the bottom three tonight.

I know Robin loves Anwar - but I just can't get into him. He did a song by the lady that did the Psychic Network commercials (I am drawing a blank) called "I'll Never Love this Way Again." Good song, he sounded lovely, and techincally, he is extremely skilled. But once again, all I've got is...ehh. Boring.

Bo picked "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I expected sheer brilliance from this performance. I mean the song was perfect for him. He looked great...he had the whole "rocker" microphone thing goin'. But vocally, it wasn't as good as I think it could have been. He doesn't sound as strong as he did at the beginning of the competition. But I still thought it was a good performance. I do love Bo.

After introducing the audience to Daryl Hall & John Oates, who just happened to be in the audience last night, Ryan introduced poor Scott Savol who chose a Hall & Oates song as his choice for the evening's performence, "She's Gone." A great song. But Scott had a couple major issues, vocally, with this chart. The verses sounded sharp to me, as if he just couldn't get down enough to hit the low notes...but what he lacked in the verses, he waaay made up for it in the choruses. He truly did an excellent job during those sections of the song. And, both Hall & Oates were extremely pleased with his performance. But the judges were not as impressed. Randy mentioned the pitch problems, but what was so great was, that Scott agreed with Randy - he knew he had a hard time with the verses and admitted it! So, although I think he is going to be in the bottom three again tonight, he made a great effort. Oh, but his blue-jean-baby-queen demin mess has GOT to GO!

Okay, here we go. Constantine sand "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. Now, based on my prior posts about said favorite rock band, I was none too pleased to see that he was going to attempt to perform this classic song. I mean, that takes serious balls. was damn good. I agree with Randy - showmanship - 10; vocals - 7. HE IS A SHOWMAN! He was perfect! However, he has some serious pitch issues at the end. Which could have just been the sheer difficulty of the song. But he just did an amazing job. He may have pulled ahead of Bo with this performance. And for some reason, I actually thought he looked hot last night. I don't know - I think it was just the song! (I hope. Ick.)

Alright, if you are waiting for my recap of Carrie Underwood's performance of "Love is a Battlefield," I am afraid you won't get it. My husband picked that moment to come into the living room to talk to me. UGH. So, if anyone wants to pick up this recap, I would appreciate it! I saw the clip at the end and thought she looked and sounded great, but that doesn't really get us anywhere, now does it?!!!

So - my predictions for the bottom three: Scott, Nadia, & Anwar.

KELLY P., OUT!!!!!

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