Friday, April 08, 2005

Love for sale...appetizing, yummy love for sale...

Okay, maybe not LOVE for sale...but Keith & I are getting ready to put our house on the market, as we are moving to the Fort this summer (for my new job - YAY!) and will be purchasing a home there. The realtor is coming over tomorrow to meet with us about preparations for this scary feat! I have gotten the monthy utility averages and the mortgage information and we have been doing minor repairs and painting, as well as some light landscaping....and we still have a ton more work to do. However, I have never sold a home before. Are there some tried & true house-selling tricks about which I do not know? I have heard that you are supposed to bake something...but that would just make my house smell like burnt food....that is not a good smell at all. I think I might just light a candle and go with it.

Any other thoughts? Or things that you saw on "Sell This House"?!!!

I need the info.

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