Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy, happy to me....

Today is the big day...the big 2-8. Wow. I just got a call from my friend Adriane wishing me a happy birthday and asking if I feel older. Can't say that I do. In fact, I kind of forgot today was the day. I went to the grocery store, and, after carding me for my alcohol, the cashier said, "Oh, today is your birthday!" And I had to think about it! DUH. With my husband being out of town, and being busy getting the house cleaned for my company tonight (YAY!!! Can't wait, Kel and Amanda!) slipped my mind!

Oh has been a rather lovely day so far. Reading my new copy of EW, watching Kevin Costner in Oliver Stone's JFK on TV, eating Haagen-Dazs chocolate out of the carton and hanging out with my recently-groomed puppy dogs...what more could a girl really want?

If you could have a day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do???

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