Friday, February 04, 2005

In honor of my girl, Amanda....

Amanda & Kelly P....and wine. Of course, wine! Posted by Hello

After reading her Friday Five, I am compelled to do my own (and to try out posting pictures)!

My five favorite things about Amanda
1. Her story-telling abilities. This girl can take a story about a guy walking down the road and turn it into an 8 hour soliloquy about the guy's girlfriend and how that girl knew Amanda's is a head-spinning event....and truly entertaining...even if you do forget the beginning of the story in the process!

2. She is a fabulous shopping buddy! One of my favorite memories of law school is skipping class (not your class, Professor Cooper!) and going to Wine Wednesday at Champps, then to Victoria's Secret. There is nothing better than pinot grigio and new underthingys!

3. I can live vicariously through her and she through me! She shares her dating stories and college partying experiences with me...and doesn't make me feel silly when I have to ask what a bong is! I still don't quite understand it...oh well. And she willingly sits through show choir videos and lets me teach her how to do a jazz square at 1 in the morning!!!!

4. She is amazingly talented (at more than JUST tying a cherry stem with her tongue), strong-willed, resilient, graceful, and filled with a love of all things torts that I absolutely cannot conprehend.

5. She forgives & forgets...and is always there when I need her.


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