Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why Jelly Beans & Corduroy, you might ask???

I don't exactly know! Well, I sort of know...

It is basically a play on names and words. Although my blog is relatively anonymous (except to those at my law school, where blogs spread like syphillis), I wanted a name that was me - literally, me. My name. Okay, let's break it down:

First, "Jelly Beans"...

Those of you that know me know this story, so I apologize in advance. My first name is Kelly (duh). My middle name is Jean (I was named after my dad, Gene - don't make fun....). When I was in seventh grade, I had a serious crush on a guy whose name was Seth Bean. My friend Jenn pointed out that we could never marry. Why? Because my name would be....wait for it...."Kelly Jean Bean." Nice. Oh, but if I didn't use my middle name it would be "Kelly Bean." Even better. So between that...and my name "Kelly Jean".... my friend started calling me "Jelly Bean." Hence, "Jelly Beans."

Now, "Corduroy," that one is a bit easier to explain. My maiden name sounds similar to "Corduroy." Whew - that one was difficult! So, to put the two together, I thought, sounded fun...and is also a play on my name. Fun stuff!

There it is, folks, "Jelly Beans & Corduroy." Not a real exciting story full of hilarity, but a story all the same.

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