Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some random thoughts that, together, make up a post...

  • I don't get hearsay. I just don't get it. I am hoping that, at some point, there will be an a-ha moment soon; otherwise, I am screwed. I am going to need a major tutoring session. Or a really good commercial outline...just kidding, Professor Cooper...I would never consider buying one of those things ;)

  • Don't put a piece of grape Bubble Yum in your mouth before class starts. You are guaranteed to be called on first thing. And, there you are, with this huge mess of gum in your mouth and nowhere to go with it! And then you have to go and apologize to the professor at break regarding your rude behavior. NICE.

  • I love new shoes - especially new red shoes - that are on sale - and that are comfortable!!!!

  • When did it become the 'thing' to have your date with you when you shop for prom dresses. Let me tell you - it is pretty embarrassing to shop for Law Prom dresses when a bunch of high school neo-maxi-zoom-dweebies are hangin' out in front of the dressing rooms waiting for their girlfriends! Not good...leave the boyfriends at home in front of their X-Boxes.

  • What is up with all the magnetic ribbons? I mean, I know that this has been the topic of conversation on other blogs, like Kel's, but I still don't get it. Maybe Kevin can explain it to me...not that he is a magnetic ribbon advocate - just that he is really good at explaining things!

  • Don't spill an entire French Chambord Martini on your crotch in front of your friend that has a digital camera. All of a sudden you are the topic of a caption contest. I probably should be embarrassed. I am not. But I probably should be...what does this say about me?

  • I watched almost an entire season of an hour long show on Saturday...that is a really long time to spend in the dark in front of your television. I am still recuperating from it...and from the bottle of red wine I drank. Is red wine supposed to turn your tongue purple?

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