Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Today in Family Law...

We are discussing immigration and children, specifically the concerns that the law addressed in the 1970's when children of Vietnam vets were being brought into the country in the thousands. My classmate brought up the public policy concern that the soldier may already have a family at home. Professor D says, "Yes, can you imagine - Matt, the soldier in Vietnam, gets it on with a Vietnamese woman, but he has a wife and family back home. Then all of a sudden, his Vietnamese child wants to come live with them in America...What would happen?"

Why, they would make a musical about it!!!!!!

Anyone know what went through my head after she finished that scenario?

"They're called Bui Doi...the dust of life...conceived in hell...and born in strife.
They are the living reminders of all the good we failed to do.
That's why we know, deep in our heart...that they are all our children too."

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