Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Once more with feeling...

Well, folks - it is almost is the reason I have not blogged since this past weekend.

It is....

the bane of my existence....the monkey on my's


Okay, it really isn't at all. I actually love it. I love taking part in it. I love planning it. Of course, I get completely anal-retentive and control-freakish, but it is still a good time. I love the fact that professors come out and show that they have other interests besides punitive damages, med mal claims, International Shoe, that damn Erie Doctrine, and trademark infringement. They aren't afraid (or maybe they are!) to get up in front of the same students that they have in class and rock out to an oldies tune or take part in a comedic skit. I also love discovering that fellow law students can do something other than type, read, research and write! We have percussionists, vocalists, guitarists and guys in garage bands! Who knew, right?!

The event also brings the entire law school community together - faculty, staff, and students...and this does not happen very often. Also, all the proceeds go to the Loan Assistance Repayment Program - a program that helps law students that wish to work in public interest law but cannot afford it because of their student loans. It is such a worthy cause, and those involved are so happy to assist the LRAP Committee in reaching their financial goals.

I am truly proud to be a part of such a great event. I hope that, those of you reading this blog and are in the Indianapolis area, can come out for the show!

Oh - and there's a cash bar....if that helps ;)

EDIT: And- fyi (for Robin) - if you didn't buy tickets in advance - IT's OKAY!!!! They will be on sale at the door as well!!! Same price: $5!

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